Word from General Director

Thank you for your interest in Unistaff Payroll Solutions!

For many years our company has helped customers successfully build their business, solving a wide range of payroll-related issues. We always work with regard to the customer’s individual features and needs, helping to find an optimum and effective solution.

We never impose our procedures and work methods. We use the positive experience of the customer’s company in correlation with our own efficient and professional solutions.

Our service system is customer-oriented. Being your strategic partner, we assume full responsibility for HR administration and payroll processing for your organization.

As a service company, our goal is to work with you in a mutually convenient and cooperative environment.

The management of the company is always open for communication, takes an active part in all processes and provides assistance and support at all stages.

Unistaff Payroll Solutions is at your service.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Georgy Gorgonov
General Director

Unistaff Payroll Solutions

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