Historical profile

Unistaff Payroll Solutions — historical profile

1997 — Unistaff enters the Russian payroll market

1998 — Unistaff completes implementation of the Scala Version 3.1 payroll software

2000 — Unistaff completes implementation of the Microsoft Business Solution
Axapta payroll software

2001 — Unistaff launches professional HR administration and
consulting services

2002 — Unistaff enters Russia’s regional payroll market

2004 — Unistaff sets up an office in St. Petersburg

2005 — Unistaff completes implementation of the iScala 2.2 payroll system

2006 — Unistaff completes implementation of the Boss-Kadrovik HR Administration
system and launches implementation of the Scala Advanced Payroll
web-based capability

2007 — Unistaff Payroll Solutions becomes part of the ANCOR HR Holding

2007 — Unistaff implements an SaaS (‘software as a service’) automation solution
wrapped around the Boss-Kadrovik capability for its payroll clients

2008 — Unistaff and ANCOR Leasing launch payroll in Kazakhstan

2010 – automation of customer relations control procedures and IT services management through Epicor ITSM.

2011 ICM Group (ANCOR investment and managemnt company) bought Unistaff Payrol Solutions share belonged to ANCOR Holding.

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125212, Россия, Москва,

ул. Выборгская, д.16, стр. 1

Телефон: +7 (495) 981-06-00


192029, Россия, Санкт-Петербург,

просп. Обуховской обороны, д. 70, корп. 3

Телефон: +7 (812) 346-78-30


300013, Россия, Тула,

ул. Болдина, д. 69

Телефон: +7(4872)25-30-66