Test for outsourcing. Do you really need to outsource company services?

As an employer, you are responsible for the timely and full payment of salaries to your employees.
However, your responsibility is not limited by this fact. Before your employees receive their money via their salary cards, the proper procedure for wage payment taxation shall be determined, and taxes and duties established by law shall be paid in a timely fashion. Payment formalization with the required primary and accounting documents, as well as preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly and annual payroll reports to the appropriate regulatory authorities is an important component.
With constantly changing tax and labor laws, these tasks present significant challenges and risks for an employer.

Before deciding what method of administering payroll accounting best suits your company, try to take our outsourcing test.

1. Do you have any specialists assigned only to payroll accounting?

2. Do you have a manager controlling your payroll accounting function?

3. Do you have legal and tax advisers specializing in payroll accounting and calculating taxes and charges on the wage pool?

4. Do you have a payroll accounting system tailored to the specific needs of your company?

5. Do you have technicians who adjust and upgrade your payroll accounting system to meet specific needs for your company?

6. Are you protected from penalties and fines which may arise because of errors by your internal specialists?

7. Do you have specialists prepared to interact with auditors, in case of check, and able to represent your position before the auditor?

8. Due to internal accounting, it is easier for us to keep confidentiality in the company and avoid internal conflicts

9. Would you be able to calculate wages yourself, in case your payroll specialist resigns on the eve of a payday?

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